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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yahoo Lost Password

If you have lost your password, you can still use that account by do simple procedure of “Forget & change password”.

This procedure may ask you for an alternative email (an email address, set-up during registration of new yahoo id, which yahoo used to communicate with you, you can add new alternative email address later).

If you lost your alternative email id or don’t set-up, then this will ask two secret question , and you must answer that questions correctly, these secret question and answer are those question answer which set up during registration of yahoo account.  

How to Recover Lost Password:

1-      Open yahoo messenger
2-      Click “Forgot your password?” this will open website
3-      Click I forgot my password combo option (select any otherwise)
4-      Click Next Button
5-      Enter email address in “My Yahoo! ID is” (enter full id abc@yahoo.com)
6-      Enter exact code into “Enter the code shown” code is showing below
7-      Next Button
8-      Enter alternative email in “My alternate email is” (same set-up during registration)
Enter an exact same answer of a secret question (which you set-up during registration, or making new id)
9-      Click Next (proceed step no. 8 and 9) if required
10-  Sign in with your alternative id. You have a new from email yahoo-account services
11-  Open new email label How to reset your Yahoo! Password from yahoo-account-services-us
12-  Find and Click on Link “Reset My password”
13-  Enter New password in “New password”
14-  Enter again same password  in “Re-type New password “
15-  Click Next Button
This will change your password, and got a new password change notification email from yahoo-account-services-us
16-  Close account information window and check your new email (you can skip check new email)

Sign in with your id and new password.


1-      Enter same alternate email which added during registration
2-      Enter same answer of question which set-up during registration
If you are signing from yahoo website, from sing-in window, click on “I can’t access my account” link and repeat procedure mention above.

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