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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delete Unused Internet Files

If you experienced slow computer speed, or you see wastage of disk space, this is one of good idea to delete cookies, internet temporary file and forum data password, auto fill data and history.

How to Delete Internet Unused Files:

1-      Open Internet browser v.8
2-      Click Tool from menu
3-      Click “Internet Option” this will pop up internet option with General Tab
4-      Click Delete Button (under browsing history)
5-      Click check mark for each category (multiple choice)
6-      Click Delete Button
7-      Click Ok Button to exit from Internet Options.
This will delete file under selected categories.


this procedure of deleting internet file based on Internet browser v.8, other version of Internet browser is are also much similar to this, Just Go to Tool >Internet Option, and follow instruction

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