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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real Player Watch Folder

Adding folder to watch list will be monitored folder for any change in folder. All compatible songs or videos files will be automatically added to library for Play them within a Folder listed in watch folder list, hence you don’t need to open any file from a folder again and again.
How to Add Folder to Watch List Delete:

1-      Open Real Player

i-                    Click Start
ii-                  Point over Programs
iii-                Point over Real
iv-                Click Real Player it will open Real Player

2-      Click Downward arrow next Real player (on Most Top Left of window)
3-      Click Preferences (a new window open)
4-      Double Click Library (Sub Menu)
5-      Click File Locations
6-      Click check mark “Check Watched Folders for new Clips every 1 Minutes
7-      Click Add Folder
8-      Browse to your Targeted Folder (i.e., My Document) and click it
9-      Click Ok button
10-  Click Ok Button again (from Preferences Window)


1-      Selecting a folder containing more folder ( a sub folder) will result in all compatible file within anywhere in main folder or under any other folder will be added to Library.
2-      Selecting and drive to add in watch folder will result in looking within all folders and file placed in drive
Enter any digit under Check “Watched Folders for new Clips every … Minutes”


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