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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing Display View (MY Computer)

About Display of Windows Xp:

has unique display view in my computer (windows operating system disk)
at newly install windows content of booting drive are hidden, you can change it to display or hidden.

all folders are have same setting like root\-, root\windows\, root\doucement and setting, root\program files, \windows\windows32

How to change display:

1- open my computer window
2- open and navigate to folder for changing
3- search in left tab of window for a caption with "Search Tool"
4- click on dobule arrow icon will display of search tool content
    if arrows are toward downwords click to disply, arrows are upwards clicking on it result in hidden of tab
5- click on "show the contant of this drive" (in search tool ) if contant are hidden
6- click on "Hide the contant of this drive" (in search tool), if contant are showing


1- you have to change display view of all folder seperatly
2- newly installed windows all system folders are hidden contant, so you have to change to disply
3- at hidden state of folder explorer display shows with some text like below

These files are hidden.
This folder contains files that keep your system working properly.
You should not modify its contents.

show the contents of this folder

4- click on "show the contents of this folder" from here instead from system tool will also result in display all content of folder.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Changing Display View

Windows Xp and later version have two way of view in control panel window

at newly installed windows xp in control panel window, by defualt it shows as catergory view, which mean all networking setting like (internet option, networking opting) come along with networking setting in one button click open all related setting.
in older version of windows control panel view as classic view, and it mean all setting come seprate show in windows.
you can switch to category view to classic and vice versa.

Changing category view in windows xp

1- click start button
2- click setting
3- click control panel
4- click "switch to category view"

Changing classic view in windows xp

 1- click start button
2- click setting
3- click control panel
4- click on switch to classic view

After changing and achieve your desired result you can close control panel

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FlashBoot and Ghost

How to get Flashboot :

i have upload a Flashboot v 1.4 it will convert usb (flash drive) in bootable usb

click here to download Flashboot 1.4 exe File, this will redirect you to Rapidshare.com to download
follow the instruction from there.

download file on your computer, after one time use it, you can save it zipped folder

How to get Dos Ghost:

i have upload a dos version of Ghost, click on Ghost it will redirect you to rapidshare, follow the instruction from there.

after download copy in usb. you can restore windows from previouse states right from your usb drive


How to change Date and Time:
In windows xp and all version  of windows (much smilair method)
1-      Click stat button
2-      Click setting
3-      Click control panel
4-      Double click on “date and time” icon
Here you can apply all your correct timings and date
5-      Click down arrow to change month (In left bar 1st box)
6-      Click your desired appreciate month
7-      Click down arrow to change year (in left bar 2nd box)
8-      Click desired date number day (Just down these bar a monthly base on day schedule)
A current zone presented just down in day schedule
In right panel a analog watch showing current time
9-      Click on time box (time format is shown as HH:MM:SS
10-   Click where hours showing and use BACKSAPCE BUTTON to delete existing and input from keyboard repeat same process for minutes and second respectively
If you want to change time zone (based on your geographical location)
11-    Click on tab with caption “Time Zone”
12-    Click on arrow down of search box
13-    Click on your desired location present in shape (GMT ±00:00) Name
14-    Click on apply button
Now you have done change with Date and time
15-    Click on Ok button (to Exit)
        1-      Click on exit button doesn’t take change back once you click on apply button Ok button is
              just for exit.
            2-   You can quickly go to Date and time window by just double click on time showing on task bar.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad sectors in Hard drive

Idea of Partition:

hard drive is storge disk where we save much more data then floppy drive, ROM, RAM usb (flash drive) or Cd-R DVD cds. accessing and saving data on hard drive is also easy faster and more relieable then other kind of storage data. Now a Days we are saving file required to open operating system (Dos, Windows etc)
on hard drive, at start up of installation of operating systems many setup (windows XP) prompt for partition our 1 hard disk in multiupe numbers or installing on 1 parttition on hard drive.
Having More parition on Hard drive is quite good idea. if we have 4 partions of 1 hard disk, our pc (operating system) detects these as 4 seperate drive.

Bad Sectors:

A bad sector on Hard drive on part of hard drive (Partition) is the place where you can save and read data on that sectors. any data save on this sectors can't accessable then after once it was bad sectors. if a file (data) required to operating system windows on bad sectors, operating system refuses to use hard drive and can't accessable to workout (desktop), it windows did not load it self properly. any try to installing new fresh copy of operating system on that bad sector, will end up with same result it can't be read by operating system, hence in the result it corrupt your operating.

exccusive use of hard drive or damage to hard drive by any mean, hard drive getting have bad sectors.

How to Fix Bad Sectors:

once hard drive is getting bad sectors, it can't be reverse, but you can mark these place as bad sectors with Check disk (scandisk) tool, it prevent operating system to try saving any data on that sector. so you can easily intall operating system and save data on drive after marking bad sectors.

How to fix bad sectors with Check Disk:

1- open my computer
2- right click on 1 drive
3- click properties
4- click on tools tab
5- click on check now button (Check Disk Tool)
6- click on scan for and attempt to recovery of bad sectors (combo button)
     additionaly you can "check box automatically fix file system errors" if you going to fix problem with
     windows operating system
7- click on start button

drive having operating system installed (WINDOWS XP) normally it is C drive it will prompt for scheduling disk check at startup of windows for next restart.

8- click yes button to scheduled it start up

next time whenever you start your computer (with same operating system install) it will automatically check and mark any bad sector if it detected in your dirve
A report will shows static how much bad sectors or drive

9- repeat check disk tool to all drives (hard disk) one by one

other drive than c drive can be scand and fixing withing windows explorer.


a) only C drive always can be check at startu up because windows require exclussive access to drive
b) other drive than c some time requires to having exclussive access
you have to click yes button to shedule them if required

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scan For Virus

How to Remove virus from computer:
World best famouse antivirus is known as Norton Antivirus (NAV), use NAV 2010 or later
Scanning a file with NAV:
1-      Right Click on File you want to scan for virus
2-      Click on Scan (Norton Antivirus>SCAN)
After scanning NAV result “no virus and other security error found” and your computer is safe.
Scanning Computer with NAV:
1-      Open Norton Antivirus (start>programs>Norton antivirus>Norton antivirus
2-      Click on scan now (just under Computer                               Setting from left bar)
3-      Click on Run full system scan
4-      It will scan all computer for viruses or other threads (data + systems and registries)
Scan Time Depend on data (large data) which have to scan, system speed and Norton Viruses definition.
After scanning NAV result “no virus and other security error found” and your computer is safe.
After scanning if virus found:
Whenever a virus found on both kind of scanning, NAV automatically can delete a virus from file, a part of file or maybe whole file can be deleted from original path and move NAV special storage called “Quarantined”
5-      Some files after scanning and found infected, completely removing virus, NAV prompt you for restart computer, restart computer from NAV prompt bar
If you are running full scanning you can choose restart option at end of scanning progress
About Quarantined:
It NAV storage path where every file found infected and remove gone after dilution. you can restore file from Quarantined later time and still can use this file, this required restoring, restoring any infected file from quarantined to original path or new path.
Resorted file from quarantined must be infected, this is unsafe restoring file, so don’t restore.
It is best idea to keep update your Norton Antivirus definition. If you going to full scanning, 1st check it is up to date, update if required and then scan.

All statics based on NAV 2010

Classic Start Menu

In Windows Xp and later version desktop (like documents, My Computer etc) icon are hidden 1st time after installation, Want back that icons on your desktop?

Switching to Older Start Menu Style (Windows Xp or later)
1- Right click on Start button
2- Click on Proprties
3- Click on classic start menu (Windows 98 start menu looking)
4- Click on Ok
Switching to Standard Start Menu style (Windows Xp or later)
1- Right click on Start button
2- Click on Proprties
3- Click on Start Menu (Windows xp standard style)
4- Click on Ok

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bootable USB

About Bootable Flash drive (USB):

why make a bootable flash drive for Dos-ghost Program?
Dos version of ghost is powerful tool to backup and restore data on hard drive. It is fast reliable and user friendly.
To use dos-ghost you need to boot-up your computer with Dos. You can achieve this goal by
a)     installing dos (operating system) on drive
b)    booting from cd (with dos prompt enables)
c)     booting from flash drive (with dos prompt enables)
having dos operating system is good idea but general user don’t goes for that option

booting from cd another good idea but problem with Cd-R scratches and unable to read, one solution is that make copy of your bootable cd

booting from flash drive is good idea, flash drive life is more than CD-R, its fast reliable way to boot to dos prompt, But one drop back with this idea is older bios version (computer) don’t have facilitiy of booting from usb, you have to check your machine does it have option to boot up from usb, you can copy your data to same usb anytime.
Does my computer have usb boot support:?
To check attach a bootable usb drive to available usb port (working) and set bios of for booting from usb. If it does it mean your computer have booting option from usb, otherwise no. for more detail consult the manufacture  of your machine
How to make my Usb a “Bootable usb”?
1-   disable your antivirus during downloading and installation
2-   click here flashboot (this tool will format your usb drive and makes it as bootable) for download.
    This will redirect to mediafire.com where you can download, and shows “processing download request”
3- click this button click here to start download from mediafire..(after click it shows your download is starting..)
4- navigate to path save this file anywhere you want to save. Click save>on desktop>save
5- double click on FlashBoot (For Later use Save it into zip file mayb antivirus detect it as spam)
6- Click Run button

7- click Next button

8- click combo button with caption (creat bootable flash disk with minimal set of Dos system files:
9- click Next button

10- click combo button with caption (use built in free Dos)
10- click Next
8- in drive letter select your usb (after attaching drive to usb port click Refresh list if required)
9- click Next
10- click on combo button portioned disk (USB-HDD boot mode) make sure click on check box with caption save data on disk(avoid reformating)
11- click Next

12- click Finish (it will format your drive before do this make a copy of all your data to another path)
13-  click close button (Completed successfully) de-attached usb drive
Its Done
On this format your usb drive shows only two file command.com and kernel.sys
You can copy your data on drive, you can Lable your Drive But never delete any of these files or reformat drive (avoid any way deleting of these file) if accidently Reformate with Flashboot as same procedure.
Test your usb drive and enjoy.
How to Test my USB as Bootable:
1)     attached usb drive to pc (you want to boot to Dos)
2)     start pc
3)     make usb 1st bootable drive
4)     restart button
at restarting A messege pops up Free Dos
5)     When this prompt “Enter new date” just Enter
6)     When this prompt “Enter new time” just Enter
Now you are in dos prompt
You have been successfully tested your drive for booting, try copy ghost file (important: attribute of file should not be hidden) into main folder of usb drive.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Windows 7, Installer

How to Install Windows 7:
1-      Start your pc to open CD-DVD Drive
2-      Insert windows 7 cd in drive
3-      Make your CD Room as your 1st bootable drive
Windows loading files
4-      Restart your pc
5-      Press any key to enter in windows 7 setup (if required)
Now Installation will start automatically
Step is preparing (Shows on Screen)
Install Windows (Screen windows)
Where do you want to install windows?
6         Select you desired drive (prefer pick C drive) alternatively you can partitions of hard drive
7         Click Next Button
Installing Windows… (Screen)
That’s all the information we need right now. Your computer will restart several times during installation.
Copying windows files
Expanding Windows files
Installing features
Installing updates
Completing installation
Collecting information           Installing Windows          (these are task manager shows progress bar)
Windows setup will automatically restart your pc (several times)
Be remember each time computer restart you don’t press any key for setup again, if you do windows setup will run and try to install a new fresh windows, you can restart button to avoid this
And at startup setup will apply settings and services (this take several steps by windows setup with no user interface), just like these below
Now it will completing installation (no user interface, you don’t want to do anything)
Setup is preparing your computer for first time use (No user interface)
Windows Welcome Screen shows (applying setting)
Preparing desktop
Deleting unused file
Activating Windows (this task will require more time, be patient)
And this also restart your computer (ignore any message)
This time after restarting it shows desktop with icon now you can start your experience on windows7. Enjoy
Little about installing Windows 7:
Its very easy, just 7 click to get install your windows 7, faster than ever!

Friday, April 22, 2011

About Ghost


Sometime windows corrupted, infected with viruse or may mistakely formated drive or operating system data.  Reinsalling windows (Refreshing Windows operationg system) gets out of most situation like that.
typical installing windows from windows cd is lenghty and time-being. Norton Ghost is program that restore your operationg system and drive, where you want to do.

Norton Ghost:

Ms. ghost is powerfull ghost program that make a clone of windows operation system drive as a image called named.gho and can save this file either on cd-R, usb flash, hard drive etc. when ever you need to restore drive at its time of backup, you can restore using file with extension gho.

Concept of Cloning operation system:

each time you install your operating system also you apply setting such a user settings, password, themes , color scheme, install programs, documents, when you reinstalling windows formated drive contain previous version of operation system (old time) you will experinced with losing your password themes color schemes, install programs , user logon's etc. But when you make image of drive you will be surprised windows is looks new fresh copy of windows, same installing programes , user setting.

here is list of when you make a image of a drive (image date Decemeber 2009)
a) fresh install of operating system (insalling date is November 2009)
b) user setting (passwords, user logons - schemes)
c) insalled programes (microsoft office 2007)
d) documents (on drive which you imaged)

here will be result of restoring with ghost (same as imaged on Decemeber 2009- cloning) Restoring on Date April 2011

a) same operating system (November 2009) fresh install
b) user setting (passwords, user logons - schemes
c) installed programes (microsoft office 2007)
d) document (on drive which you imaged

you can't restore data (programes document) which you have not when you imaged on December 2009

i mean to say program ms office 2007 you can restore but opera web browser installed on January 2011

all programes or documents which you have on date Dec 2011, you can restore all of them back.

in short language

Cloning (image+restoring) is like you have two copies of 1 Book

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Install a hardware?


every hardware attached to pc, operating system use a file to run that particular hardware that is called driver. keyboard have driver to run. mouse, monitor hard drive cable usb port motherboard processer must have driver installed to keep run. Sometime new added hardware are not installed driver so, that particular hardware will not work properly. you need to take step to install newly added hardware and exixting hardware which not working properly. See Device manager list to point out which hardware is installed, working or not working. for opening Device manager follow instruction assuming windows xp

1-  right click on my computer icon
2- click properties
3- switch (click) to hardware tab
4- click on Device Manager

it will pop up Device Manager window
listing all hardware attached to computer.

any hardware with yellow markup needed to install

checking hardware status

5- Right click on any hardware (i.e. Display adapter) wich scroll down and show all attached hardware.
6- click properties (it will shows window labeling hardware name properties window)

see for Device status
shows different as device are working properly

Installing Hardware

in windows xp will detect and can install most hardwares.

if not any hardware is not installed but attached to computer properly

7- click on "scan for hardware changes" button located beneat File Tab
    or click on action tab and then click on scan for hardware changes"

this will scan computer for any newly attach hardware and can install automatically

8- right click on hardware (you want to install) and then properties

9- click on Reinstalling button or
    click on driver tab>click on update Driver
this will pops up Hardware Update Wizard

10- click any combo box
      a) Yes, this time only (if  you want window downloading from window-catalog website
      b) yes, now and every time I connect a device
      c) No, not this time (Prefer if you have driver file Cd or storage drive)
11- click on b option
       a) Install the software automatically (Recomemended)
       b) install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
12- click on browse button under 2nd check box (include this location in the search:)
13- navigate to path (where you have copy of Driver) see manifacture provider of hardward Driver Cd
14- click Next

it will scan specific path if find driver

shows list of driver
15- click on approciate driver
16- click next
17- click finish

After you specified path of driver, time to take process completed depened on your computer speed and processor. (usually less than a minute)

18- Click on restart window (if hardware installing promptes)

this will install your hardware, restarting window depends on hardware, some hardware did not require restarting windows. like modem or mouse or usb based hardwares

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to cleanup Hard Drive, (Speed up Computer)


If you experince with slow down your pc speed, it is caused with junk files , temporary file, un-needed restore point and internet cookies aslo file.

About Disk Cleanup:

It is good idea to run a Disk Cleanup reagurly (one time in week more prefer on C dirve)

How to Run Disk Cleanup:

A quick way to run Disk Cleanup

1- click on start button
2-click on program
3- click on Accories
4- click on system tools
5- disk cleanup

Disk cleanup window pops up

Select Drive:
select the drive you want to clean up

Ok              Exit

6- select any storage drive (attached with pc) you want to clean
7- click on Ok

clean up process may take some time less than 1 minutes on most computer, C drive take much longer time than other but not more than 2 minute. (depend on various computer)
it will show how it deleting files, (automatic)

now you have done succussfuly

Another way to Run Disk cleanup (demanding when you are going to 1st time using Disk cleanup tool)

1- open my computer windows
2- Right click on any storage drive (attached to computer and working) be remember you can't use this
     tool on CD-R and floppy dirve is not opend
3- click proprties
4- click on Disk Cleanup (in General Tab)
it will scan your drive after some time it
pops up Disk clean up window

5- click on every check box
a) Downloaded Program Files
b) Temporary Internet Files
c) Offline Webpages
d) Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files
e) Recycle Bin
f) WebClient/Publisher Temorary Files
g) Compress old Files

these option depend on which drive you are going to free up Windows setup contain drive have all option
other dirves contain less options

click on ok button

a pop window Are you sure you want to perform these actions?
yes     NO

6- click on Yes button (last time you click)
a cleaning process will indicating how it works

this tool will close it self

you can refresh computer and can see drive space on properties windows to determine how much it effect on your drive

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Speed up Computer - Defragmenter


When ever we play a song video or run any software program and or internet, operationg system (windows) treat each of them as process. each process is called thread. every time a process or thread finished it job.thread moves (files to be run and related registry) to ram and on free space on hard drive. every file and registry which using operation system take back its original location when tread is finishes. But some thread leave files and registry in ram or at disk free space.
Problem Occur: continuosly de-arragement of these file and registries slow down pc perfomance and get extra harddrive free space over time.
How to fix slow speed of pc:

we need "Windows Defragmenter" tool to fix and rearragement of these leave behind file to relocate file, frequantely using "Defragment" maintain good speed over the pc

Run Defragment:

in windows
1- click start button
2- locate programs and click it
3- locate accessories and click it
4- locate system tools and click it
5- locate and click DISK DEFRAGMENTER
it will open DISK DERAGMENT tool window
you can defragment on any drive you may want to relocate files
6- click on any drive (here we chosse C: drive to defragment)
7- click on analyze button (this will tell you need to run a deframent on this drive or not)
a window pops up
Disk Defragmenter

 Analysis a complete for: Name(C:)
 You should defragment this volume.
View Refort  Defragment  Close
8- click on Deframent button to proceede
a pops window shows
defragment on drive is complete
9- you can view Report or click ok
sometime completion windows message like
some of files can't be defragment
you can view report to see which of file can't be relocated
Run again Defragmenter will relocate these file
usally large segmented files will not relocated

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Switch Yahoo Classic Mail

1- Sign in yahoo account you want to change

 2- click on option tab (UpperRight corner of yahoo window)

3- click on mail classic
this will pop up new window with caption "Switch to Yahoo!Mail Classic"
                  Your're about to Switch to Yahoo classic
                  Before you do, we'd love you feedback
click on feedback if you want to...
Two Button
Switch to Yahoo! Mail Classice        Cancel

4- Cilck on Switch Button

A switching window apear here again you can click on feedback if you have to.

5- Refresh your page if Require

You have been Succussfully converted to Yahoo Classic

Friday, April 15, 2011


Error Problem:
As long as we use computer it bring result in error in hard disk, system (windows) registry error, junk file, duplicate file , zero byte file and infect file with viruse(s). this will slow down pc performance.

Solution For Fixing Window Error:
So, we need some response it quickly and fix that problem each of them, to do so we can have some program services to check it and fix them. fix error in windows we need a program like "Window Check Disk"

About Window Check Disk:
Most common error come in hard disk and system registry windows problem, we can fix it with "windows check service". it can detect error and fix them automatically i mean no user involment, even new user can run windows scan.

How to run Window Check Disk:

To open My Computer (in windows 2002 and later)

1-click on start
i) see for My computer in 2nd column from left click on it.
ii) see icon of My computer in desktop

 Now i assumed you have opened My computer Explorer

any window version

3- Right on drive you want to check for error. (here we right click on D drive for)

4- click on proprties
it is now (C:) proprties window

5- click on tools tab (just looking down from proprties)

6- click on check now (1st button from upword)
now it is will be open "Window Check Disk"

7- a) check box in automatically fix file system errors
     b) check box in scan for and attermpt recovery of bad sectors (click if your hard disk have bad sector,
          this is addtional option you can choose)
8- click on start button ( look below of check disk window)

checking disk window will apear
which says
                 "Disk Check Complet"

9- click on Ok button

sometime checking on any drive (usually it it C-must) comes up with some messege

checking disk (C:)

"The disk chek could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive aceess to some Windows files on the disk. These file can be accessed only by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?

YES                       No

10- click on yes button
when you restart your window a automatic dos checking window will check the drive for error and fix errors

Now you have done everything, and your windows has been checked for error.

How to close Windows check Disk

you can anytime click on cancel button (for canceling the current action)

after you have done check to your drive

click on ok button (on proprties windows)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Pixel view card is hardware which can conver your pc into television. Pixel view comes with different kind of services, like FM or telvision telecast. so i have to say pixel view have 2 different kind of hardware. First hardware with telecast (tv show) and second FM with telecast.

pixcel view can automaticaly scan tv channel or FM channels. after scanning you can punch no by remote controle (provided with pixcel view) to scroll channel. Also you can switch Tv to Fm by Remote controle, Pixel view aslo best in world to record tv channel on your pc.