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Friday, April 15, 2011


Error Problem:
As long as we use computer it bring result in error in hard disk, system (windows) registry error, junk file, duplicate file , zero byte file and infect file with viruse(s). this will slow down pc performance.

Solution For Fixing Window Error:
So, we need some response it quickly and fix that problem each of them, to do so we can have some program services to check it and fix them. fix error in windows we need a program like "Window Check Disk"

About Window Check Disk:
Most common error come in hard disk and system registry windows problem, we can fix it with "windows check service". it can detect error and fix them automatically i mean no user involment, even new user can run windows scan.

How to run Window Check Disk:

To open My Computer (in windows 2002 and later)

1-click on start
i) see for My computer in 2nd column from left click on it.
ii) see icon of My computer in desktop

 Now i assumed you have opened My computer Explorer

any window version

3- Right on drive you want to check for error. (here we right click on D drive for)

4- click on proprties
it is now (C:) proprties window

5- click on tools tab (just looking down from proprties)

6- click on check now (1st button from upword)
now it is will be open "Window Check Disk"

7- a) check box in automatically fix file system errors
     b) check box in scan for and attermpt recovery of bad sectors (click if your hard disk have bad sector,
          this is addtional option you can choose)
8- click on start button ( look below of check disk window)

checking disk window will apear
which says
                 "Disk Check Complet"

9- click on Ok button

sometime checking on any drive (usually it it C-must) comes up with some messege

checking disk (C:)

"The disk chek could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive aceess to some Windows files on the disk. These file can be accessed only by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?

YES                       No

10- click on yes button
when you restart your window a automatic dos checking window will check the drive for error and fix errors

Now you have done everything, and your windows has been checked for error.

How to close Windows check Disk

you can anytime click on cancel button (for canceling the current action)

after you have done check to your drive

click on ok button (on proprties windows)

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