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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad sectors in Hard drive

Idea of Partition:

hard drive is storge disk where we save much more data then floppy drive, ROM, RAM usb (flash drive) or Cd-R DVD cds. accessing and saving data on hard drive is also easy faster and more relieable then other kind of storage data. Now a Days we are saving file required to open operating system (Dos, Windows etc)
on hard drive, at start up of installation of operating systems many setup (windows XP) prompt for partition our 1 hard disk in multiupe numbers or installing on 1 parttition on hard drive.
Having More parition on Hard drive is quite good idea. if we have 4 partions of 1 hard disk, our pc (operating system) detects these as 4 seperate drive.

Bad Sectors:

A bad sector on Hard drive on part of hard drive (Partition) is the place where you can save and read data on that sectors. any data save on this sectors can't accessable then after once it was bad sectors. if a file (data) required to operating system windows on bad sectors, operating system refuses to use hard drive and can't accessable to workout (desktop), it windows did not load it self properly. any try to installing new fresh copy of operating system on that bad sector, will end up with same result it can't be read by operating system, hence in the result it corrupt your operating.

exccusive use of hard drive or damage to hard drive by any mean, hard drive getting have bad sectors.

How to Fix Bad Sectors:

once hard drive is getting bad sectors, it can't be reverse, but you can mark these place as bad sectors with Check disk (scandisk) tool, it prevent operating system to try saving any data on that sector. so you can easily intall operating system and save data on drive after marking bad sectors.

How to fix bad sectors with Check Disk:

1- open my computer
2- right click on 1 drive
3- click properties
4- click on tools tab
5- click on check now button (Check Disk Tool)
6- click on scan for and attempt to recovery of bad sectors (combo button)
     additionaly you can "check box automatically fix file system errors" if you going to fix problem with
     windows operating system
7- click on start button

drive having operating system installed (WINDOWS XP) normally it is C drive it will prompt for scheduling disk check at startup of windows for next restart.

8- click yes button to scheduled it start up

next time whenever you start your computer (with same operating system install) it will automatically check and mark any bad sector if it detected in your dirve
A report will shows static how much bad sectors or drive

9- repeat check disk tool to all drives (hard disk) one by one

other drive than c drive can be scand and fixing withing windows explorer.


a) only C drive always can be check at startu up because windows require exclussive access to drive
b) other drive than c some time requires to having exclussive access
you have to click yes button to shedule them if required

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