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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Windows 7, Installer

How to Install Windows 7:
1-      Start your pc to open CD-DVD Drive
2-      Insert windows 7 cd in drive
3-      Make your CD Room as your 1st bootable drive
Windows loading files
4-      Restart your pc
5-      Press any key to enter in windows 7 setup (if required)
Now Installation will start automatically
Step is preparing (Shows on Screen)
Install Windows (Screen windows)
Where do you want to install windows?
6         Select you desired drive (prefer pick C drive) alternatively you can partitions of hard drive
7         Click Next Button
Installing Windows… (Screen)
That’s all the information we need right now. Your computer will restart several times during installation.
Copying windows files
Expanding Windows files
Installing features
Installing updates
Completing installation
Collecting information           Installing Windows          (these are task manager shows progress bar)
Windows setup will automatically restart your pc (several times)
Be remember each time computer restart you don’t press any key for setup again, if you do windows setup will run and try to install a new fresh windows, you can restart button to avoid this
And at startup setup will apply settings and services (this take several steps by windows setup with no user interface), just like these below
Now it will completing installation (no user interface, you don’t want to do anything)
Setup is preparing your computer for first time use (No user interface)
Windows Welcome Screen shows (applying setting)
Preparing desktop
Deleting unused file
Activating Windows (this task will require more time, be patient)
And this also restart your computer (ignore any message)
This time after restarting it shows desktop with icon now you can start your experience on windows7. Enjoy
Little about installing Windows 7:
Its very easy, just 7 click to get install your windows 7, faster than ever!


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