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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Speed up Computer - Defragmenter


When ever we play a song video or run any software program and or internet, operationg system (windows) treat each of them as process. each process is called thread. every time a process or thread finished it job.thread moves (files to be run and related registry) to ram and on free space on hard drive. every file and registry which using operation system take back its original location when tread is finishes. But some thread leave files and registry in ram or at disk free space.
Problem Occur: continuosly de-arragement of these file and registries slow down pc perfomance and get extra harddrive free space over time.
How to fix slow speed of pc:

we need "Windows Defragmenter" tool to fix and rearragement of these leave behind file to relocate file, frequantely using "Defragment" maintain good speed over the pc

Run Defragment:

in windows
1- click start button
2- locate programs and click it
3- locate accessories and click it
4- locate system tools and click it
5- locate and click DISK DEFRAGMENTER
it will open DISK DERAGMENT tool window
you can defragment on any drive you may want to relocate files
6- click on any drive (here we chosse C: drive to defragment)
7- click on analyze button (this will tell you need to run a deframent on this drive or not)
a window pops up
Disk Defragmenter

 Analysis a complete for: Name(C:)
 You should defragment this volume.
View Refort  Defragment  Close
8- click on Deframent button to proceede
a pops window shows
defragment on drive is complete
9- you can view Report or click ok
sometime completion windows message like
some of files can't be defragment
you can view report to see which of file can't be relocated
Run again Defragmenter will relocate these file
usally large segmented files will not relocated

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