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Monday, April 25, 2011

Bootable USB

About Bootable Flash drive (USB):

why make a bootable flash drive for Dos-ghost Program?
Dos version of ghost is powerful tool to backup and restore data on hard drive. It is fast reliable and user friendly.
To use dos-ghost you need to boot-up your computer with Dos. You can achieve this goal by
a)     installing dos (operating system) on drive
b)    booting from cd (with dos prompt enables)
c)     booting from flash drive (with dos prompt enables)
having dos operating system is good idea but general user don’t goes for that option

booting from cd another good idea but problem with Cd-R scratches and unable to read, one solution is that make copy of your bootable cd

booting from flash drive is good idea, flash drive life is more than CD-R, its fast reliable way to boot to dos prompt, But one drop back with this idea is older bios version (computer) don’t have facilitiy of booting from usb, you have to check your machine does it have option to boot up from usb, you can copy your data to same usb anytime.
Does my computer have usb boot support:?
To check attach a bootable usb drive to available usb port (working) and set bios of for booting from usb. If it does it mean your computer have booting option from usb, otherwise no. for more detail consult the manufacture  of your machine
How to make my Usb a “Bootable usb”?
1-   disable your antivirus during downloading and installation
2-   click here flashboot (this tool will format your usb drive and makes it as bootable) for download.
    This will redirect to mediafire.com where you can download, and shows “processing download request”
3- click this button click here to start download from mediafire..(after click it shows your download is starting..)
4- navigate to path save this file anywhere you want to save. Click save>on desktop>save
5- double click on FlashBoot (For Later use Save it into zip file mayb antivirus detect it as spam)
6- Click Run button

7- click Next button

8- click combo button with caption (creat bootable flash disk with minimal set of Dos system files:
9- click Next button

10- click combo button with caption (use built in free Dos)
10- click Next
8- in drive letter select your usb (after attaching drive to usb port click Refresh list if required)
9- click Next
10- click on combo button portioned disk (USB-HDD boot mode) make sure click on check box with caption save data on disk(avoid reformating)
11- click Next

12- click Finish (it will format your drive before do this make a copy of all your data to another path)
13-  click close button (Completed successfully) de-attached usb drive
Its Done
On this format your usb drive shows only two file command.com and kernel.sys
You can copy your data on drive, you can Lable your Drive But never delete any of these files or reformat drive (avoid any way deleting of these file) if accidently Reformate with Flashboot as same procedure.
Test your usb drive and enjoy.
How to Test my USB as Bootable:
1)     attached usb drive to pc (you want to boot to Dos)
2)     start pc
3)     make usb 1st bootable drive
4)     restart button
at restarting A messege pops up Free Dos
5)     When this prompt “Enter new date” just Enter
6)     When this prompt “Enter new time” just Enter
Now you are in dos prompt
You have been successfully tested your drive for booting, try copy ghost file (important: attribute of file should not be hidden) into main folder of usb drive.

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