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Friday, April 22, 2011

About Ghost


Sometime windows corrupted, infected with viruse or may mistakely formated drive or operating system data.  Reinsalling windows (Refreshing Windows operationg system) gets out of most situation like that.
typical installing windows from windows cd is lenghty and time-being. Norton Ghost is program that restore your operationg system and drive, where you want to do.

Norton Ghost:

Ms. ghost is powerfull ghost program that make a clone of windows operation system drive as a image called named.gho and can save this file either on cd-R, usb flash, hard drive etc. when ever you need to restore drive at its time of backup, you can restore using file with extension gho.

Concept of Cloning operation system:

each time you install your operating system also you apply setting such a user settings, password, themes , color scheme, install programs, documents, when you reinstalling windows formated drive contain previous version of operation system (old time) you will experinced with losing your password themes color schemes, install programs , user logon's etc. But when you make image of drive you will be surprised windows is looks new fresh copy of windows, same installing programes , user setting.

here is list of when you make a image of a drive (image date Decemeber 2009)
a) fresh install of operating system (insalling date is November 2009)
b) user setting (passwords, user logons - schemes)
c) insalled programes (microsoft office 2007)
d) documents (on drive which you imaged)

here will be result of restoring with ghost (same as imaged on Decemeber 2009- cloning) Restoring on Date April 2011

a) same operating system (November 2009) fresh install
b) user setting (passwords, user logons - schemes
c) installed programes (microsoft office 2007)
d) document (on drive which you imaged

you can't restore data (programes document) which you have not when you imaged on December 2009

i mean to say program ms office 2007 you can restore but opera web browser installed on January 2011

all programes or documents which you have on date Dec 2011, you can restore all of them back.

in short language

Cloning (image+restoring) is like you have two copies of 1 Book


  1. Very interesting information like it ..!!

  2. ever you used ghost? try to use it, its fun and easier than typical windows install

  3. oh thanx its very useful information. it helped me alot... keep up... :)

  4. bestaappleiaaple did you use ghost? or want to use ghost? any problem share with me, im there for you