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Monday, April 18, 2011

How to cleanup Hard Drive, (Speed up Computer)


If you experince with slow down your pc speed, it is caused with junk files , temporary file, un-needed restore point and internet cookies aslo file.

About Disk Cleanup:

It is good idea to run a Disk Cleanup reagurly (one time in week more prefer on C dirve)

How to Run Disk Cleanup:

A quick way to run Disk Cleanup

1- click on start button
2-click on program
3- click on Accories
4- click on system tools
5- disk cleanup

Disk cleanup window pops up

Select Drive:
select the drive you want to clean up

Ok              Exit

6- select any storage drive (attached with pc) you want to clean
7- click on Ok

clean up process may take some time less than 1 minutes on most computer, C drive take much longer time than other but not more than 2 minute. (depend on various computer)
it will show how it deleting files, (automatic)

now you have done succussfuly

Another way to Run Disk cleanup (demanding when you are going to 1st time using Disk cleanup tool)

1- open my computer windows
2- Right click on any storage drive (attached to computer and working) be remember you can't use this
     tool on CD-R and floppy dirve is not opend
3- click proprties
4- click on Disk Cleanup (in General Tab)
it will scan your drive after some time it
pops up Disk clean up window

5- click on every check box
a) Downloaded Program Files
b) Temporary Internet Files
c) Offline Webpages
d) Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files
e) Recycle Bin
f) WebClient/Publisher Temorary Files
g) Compress old Files

these option depend on which drive you are going to free up Windows setup contain drive have all option
other dirves contain less options

click on ok button

a pop window Are you sure you want to perform these actions?
yes     NO

6- click on Yes button (last time you click)
a cleaning process will indicating how it works

this tool will close it self

you can refresh computer and can see drive space on properties windows to determine how much it effect on your drive


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