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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scan For Virus

How to Remove virus from computer:
World best famouse antivirus is known as Norton Antivirus (NAV), use NAV 2010 or later
Scanning a file with NAV:
1-      Right Click on File you want to scan for virus
2-      Click on Scan (Norton Antivirus>SCAN)
After scanning NAV result “no virus and other security error found” and your computer is safe.
Scanning Computer with NAV:
1-      Open Norton Antivirus (start>programs>Norton antivirus>Norton antivirus
2-      Click on scan now (just under Computer                               Setting from left bar)
3-      Click on Run full system scan
4-      It will scan all computer for viruses or other threads (data + systems and registries)
Scan Time Depend on data (large data) which have to scan, system speed and Norton Viruses definition.
After scanning NAV result “no virus and other security error found” and your computer is safe.
After scanning if virus found:
Whenever a virus found on both kind of scanning, NAV automatically can delete a virus from file, a part of file or maybe whole file can be deleted from original path and move NAV special storage called “Quarantined”
5-      Some files after scanning and found infected, completely removing virus, NAV prompt you for restart computer, restart computer from NAV prompt bar
If you are running full scanning you can choose restart option at end of scanning progress
About Quarantined:
It NAV storage path where every file found infected and remove gone after dilution. you can restore file from Quarantined later time and still can use this file, this required restoring, restoring any infected file from quarantined to original path or new path.
Resorted file from quarantined must be infected, this is unsafe restoring file, so don’t restore.
It is best idea to keep update your Norton Antivirus definition. If you going to full scanning, 1st check it is up to date, update if required and then scan.

All statics based on NAV 2010

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