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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delete Shortcut in Start Menu

How to Delete Shortcut in Start Menu:

1-      Click Start Button
2-      Point over and Right Click on shortcut (i.e., Real Player shortcut under Start>programs>Real Player
3-      Select Delete
4-      Click Yes button (confirm deleting shortcut)


1-      You can also delete a shortcut sub Menu (i.e. deleting ‘My Tv Websites’ sub menu (have many website links saved) under Favorites.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Download Folder Real Player

By default download folder for Real Player is place My Document\My Videos\Real Player Download\

Move download folder to another place is very easy. All downloaded file will be automatically downloaded to that changed folder.

How to Change Default Download Folder in Real Player:

1-      Open Real Player

i-                  Click Start
ii-                 Point over Programs
iii-                Point over Real
iv-                Click Real Player it will open Real Player

2-      Click Downward arrow next Real player (on Most Top Left of window)
3-      Click Preferences (a new window open)
4-      Click Download & Recording tab
5-      Click Browse button (Save File to caption, default/current folder location is showing)
6-      Navigate to targeted folder (just say My Songs folder under drive D)
If  folder is not present

i-                   Minimize Real Player by Press Window key + D
ii-                  Open My Computer
iii-                 Open Drive (say D)
iv-                 Right Click on empty space in folder view
v-                  Point to New (Second from Bottom)
vi-                 Click Folder (1st from top from new open tab)
vii-                Enter Name for folder (say My Songs)
viii-               Click on Real Player tab from taskbar

7-      Click on Folder
8-      Click Ok button
9-      Click Ok Button again (from Preferences Window).

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real Player Watch Folder

Adding folder to watch list will be monitored folder for any change in folder. All compatible songs or videos files will be automatically added to library for Play them within a Folder listed in watch folder list, hence you don’t need to open any file from a folder again and again.
How to Add Folder to Watch List Delete:

1-      Open Real Player

i-                    Click Start
ii-                  Point over Programs
iii-                Point over Real
iv-                Click Real Player it will open Real Player

2-      Click Downward arrow next Real player (on Most Top Left of window)
3-      Click Preferences (a new window open)
4-      Double Click Library (Sub Menu)
5-      Click File Locations
6-      Click check mark “Check Watched Folders for new Clips every 1 Minutes
7-      Click Add Folder
8-      Browse to your Targeted Folder (i.e., My Document) and click it
9-      Click Ok button
10-  Click Ok Button again (from Preferences Window)


1-      Selecting a folder containing more folder ( a sub folder) will result in all compatible file within anywhere in main folder or under any other folder will be added to Library.
2-      Selecting and drive to add in watch folder will result in looking within all folders and file placed in drive
Enter any digit under Check “Watched Folders for new Clips every … Minutes”

Delete Shortcut

Deleting a unnecessary shortcut from desktop, start menu, favorites, and any location.
Deleting shortcut is similar to deleting a file.

How to Delete a shortcut:

1-      Navigate to shortcut icon file
Open Explorer, navigate to shortcut file
2-      Right Click on Shortcut File
3-      Click Delete from menu
4-      Click Yes Button for confirm deleting.


1-      Deleting a shortcut for document file game or program will not delete or uninstall or any effect on program.
      2-  Program and game must be uninstall from add remove program from control panel or
            uninstall file.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Start Menu Shortcut

Adding shortcut for program and games in start menu, do this easy steps.

How to Add Shortcut to Start Menu:

1-      Open explorer and navigate to targeted program, and exe file of program
2-      Click on file and hold down click button
3-      Drag file outside (taskbar) it will be shown a shortcut arrow
4-      Drag file to start and navigate to place where it should be created
5-      Release Click Mouse button it a shortcut will be created place


1-      Click button or file.exe and hold down button, never release until you navigate to target place.
2-      Shortcut only valid to exe file for game or software program, an example  creating shortcut for minesweeper game>navigate to folder game (\windows\system32) and find winmine.exe file
3-      Shortcut also available to any documents file, and folders,
Example, shortcut for photo.jpg, shortcut for folder named software “D:\software\”.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manage Print Jobs

What I do if my printer is not print correctly. Here is step by step process to make a print correctly.

How to manage print jobs:

1-      Click Start Button
2-      Click Settings
3-      Click “Printers and Faxes”, this will open printers and faxes window
4-      Find your printer (Name of Printer as label)
5-      Double Click on printer icon, this will open a window for your print jobs
6-      Click printer menu (see printer is set as default printer)
a)      Click on Text “Set as Default Printer” this will mark it
7-      Click printer menu again
8-      Click “Cancel All Documents”
9-      Press Cancel button from printer and follow instruction
This is because of (each printer have uniqueness to cancel a print job), some printer need press cancel button for once, while some printer need press and hold down cancel button, and some printer pops a message of canceling job require to press ok button.
10-  Shut down Printer
11-  Open printer tuner and paper feed tray, and remove any paper jame,
12-  Re-plugged your all cable to printer.
13-  Now Turn on Printer
Print any document

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yahoo Lost Password

If you have lost your password, you can still use that account by do simple procedure of “Forget & change password”.

This procedure may ask you for an alternative email (an email address, set-up during registration of new yahoo id, which yahoo used to communicate with you, you can add new alternative email address later).

If you lost your alternative email id or don’t set-up, then this will ask two secret question , and you must answer that questions correctly, these secret question and answer are those question answer which set up during registration of yahoo account.  

How to Recover Lost Password:

1-      Open yahoo messenger
2-      Click “Forgot your password?” this will open website
3-      Click I forgot my password combo option (select any otherwise)
4-      Click Next Button
5-      Enter email address in “My Yahoo! ID is” (enter full id abc@yahoo.com)
6-      Enter exact code into “Enter the code shown” code is showing below
7-      Next Button
8-      Enter alternative email in “My alternate email is” (same set-up during registration)
Enter an exact same answer of a secret question (which you set-up during registration, or making new id)
9-      Click Next (proceed step no. 8 and 9) if required
10-  Sign in with your alternative id. You have a new from email yahoo-account services
11-  Open new email label How to reset your Yahoo! Password from yahoo-account-services-us
12-  Find and Click on Link “Reset My password”
13-  Enter New password in “New password”
14-  Enter again same password  in “Re-type New password “
15-  Click Next Button
This will change your password, and got a new password change notification email from yahoo-account-services-us
16-  Close account information window and check your new email (you can skip check new email)

Sign in with your id and new password.


1-      Enter same alternate email which added during registration
2-      Enter same answer of question which set-up during registration
If you are signing from yahoo website, from sing-in window, click on “I can’t access my account” link and repeat procedure mention above.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delete Unused Internet Files

If you experienced slow computer speed, or you see wastage of disk space, this is one of good idea to delete cookies, internet temporary file and forum data password, auto fill data and history.

How to Delete Internet Unused Files:

1-      Open Internet browser v.8
2-      Click Tool from menu
3-      Click “Internet Option” this will pop up internet option with General Tab
4-      Click Delete Button (under browsing history)
5-      Click check mark for each category (multiple choice)
6-      Click Delete Button
7-      Click Ok Button to exit from Internet Options.
This will delete file under selected categories.


this procedure of deleting internet file based on Internet browser v.8, other version of Internet browser is are also much similar to this, Just Go to Tool >Internet Option, and follow instruction

Monday, May 23, 2011

Save File To older Version Word

How to Save as File to Older Version:

1-      Open your file
2-      Click File menu
3-      Click save as
4-      Enter Name in file name bar
5-      Click save as file type dropdown arrow
6-      Click Word 93-2003 Document (*.doc)
7-      Click Save Button

How to set save format:

This will be useful when planned to save file in any format again and again.

1-      Open Microsoft Word 2010
2-      Click File menu
3-      Click Save as
4-      Click Tools (Left Bottom of Window)
5-      Click Save options…
This will show a window under save menu tab (click it if not)
6-      Click dropdown arrow (label Save file in this format)
7-      Click on desired format (selection)
8-      Click Ok Button (confirm changes)