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Monday, May 2, 2011

Apply Attribute to Files and folders

In windows some files are can’t be view in explorer if their attribute are hidden, to protect these files to view by anyone else (Not you) . no one can accessing these file in windows explorer. To hide a file from explorer view, you need take 2 setup.
a)      Set file’s attribute to hidden
b)      Set windows explorer to hide all hidden files
Here we will learn how to set attributes to hidden of file
How to set attributes of files:
1- open explor and navigate to file
2- right click on file
3- click on proprties
4-  click on check box of hidden a markup appers ( Search for "Attributes" text having 2-3 check
      box with caption.
      Read only
5-  click on apply button from bottom
6- click on ok button
1- you can apply hidden or no hidden attribute to a directly to a file or folder or subfolder
2- a mark in hidden attribute indicate this file or folder is set to hidden
3- no mark in hidden attribute mean this file is alway show from explorer
4- apply a attribute (hidden) to a folder a window pop up with caption (confirm attribute changes)
these windows have two options
a) apply changes to this folder only
b) apply changes to this folder, sub folders and files
if your going to apply a hidden attribute to only one and (this) folder
select "apply changes to this folder only" combo
if your going to apply a hidden attribute to all files and folder and (this) folder
select "apply changes to this folder, sub folders and files" combo
click on ok button to proceed with action you set up
click on cancel if you want to cancel the proceed
cancel again from proprties

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