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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Restore Deleted File & Folder

How to Restore Deleted File & Folder:

1- Double Click on Recycle Bin icon (From Desktop, or a Drive Root Directory)
2- Select a File or Folder (Multiple Selection)
3- Right Click on any Item (Multiple Selection)
4- Click Retore
i) Click "Restore this item" from (Recycle Bin Tasks) menu left view for single item,
ii) Click Restore the Selected item from (Recycle Bin Tasks)
This will restore Item to its original place
Also try
i) Click Restore all items (Recycle Bin Tasks) if availible
This will restore all Item to its original place
For Example a files deleted from D:\ Root Directory, on Restoration it will be back to D:\
you can also cut an item and paste anywhere, (may to its original location, or, to new location)
similarly you can drag an item to a location
all way to take back an item to a location from Recylce Bin, will be no longer hold by Recyle Bin.

Click here to find how to Delete a File from Recycle Bin.

What is Recycle Bin:

Recyle Bin is system based sub folder on each drive root directory. Recycle Bin can cold deleted item (file, folder and shortucut) temporary. If a file or folder accidentely deleted by user or some purpose deleted, it moved to Recyle Bin Folder, from where you can restore item to any location. All deleted files found under this folder can be restored.
Recycle Bin can be empty, means file can be deleted from Recyle Bin permanently, no furthur restoration will be occured, uncless some Recoverd Data can still Recovered permanent deleted file and formated data.

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