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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manage Print Jobs

What I do if my printer is not print correctly. Here is step by step process to make a print correctly.

How to manage print jobs:

1-      Click Start Button
2-      Click Settings
3-      Click “Printers and Faxes”, this will open printers and faxes window
4-      Find your printer (Name of Printer as label)
5-      Double Click on printer icon, this will open a window for your print jobs
6-      Click printer menu (see printer is set as default printer)
a)      Click on Text “Set as Default Printer” this will mark it
7-      Click printer menu again
8-      Click “Cancel All Documents”
9-      Press Cancel button from printer and follow instruction
This is because of (each printer have uniqueness to cancel a print job), some printer need press cancel button for once, while some printer need press and hold down cancel button, and some printer pops a message of canceling job require to press ok button.
10-  Shut down Printer
11-  Open printer tuner and paper feed tray, and remove any paper jame,
12-  Re-plugged your all cable to printer.
13-  Now Turn on Printer
Print any document

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