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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delete a File

Delete a File Concept:

You can delete almost any file and folder, including your data file, documents, music files, folders, compressed files (zip), and even shortcut and program files. Deleting all data from drive (disk) called formatting disk drive. Any File or Folder you delete saved temporary in Recycle Bin. Deleting a File or Folder or shortcut also known as deleting file, deleting shortcut, deleting folder etc., Simply we can remembered it and recall it as “Deleting File”.

Simply Deleting file can be restored any time, by restoring from Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin can be accessed by double click Recycle Bin Icon from desktop or start menu or drive root.
Permanently deleted file can’t be restored, because file deleting permanently are not saved in Recycle Bin. In other word any deleted file not found in Recycle Bin can’t be restored.

Formatting Drive can’t be restored.

However, you can permanently deleted file or formatted data of drive can be recovered using recovery data programs. Even that program can’t recover data which have been overwritten data. For simple example, you have formatted drive D, you can restored data to other drives (importantly not same on D), but after formatted drive D, you have written data on drive D, all data within drive D formatted can’t be recovered.

How to Delete a File:

1-      Open Explorer and Navigate to your File(s)
2-      Click (Single Click) on File press ‘Delete’ Button
Right Click on File >Click Delete
This will pop up a ‘Confirm Deleting’ window
3-      Click Yes Button (or press Y button)

If you are deleting a shortcut

4-      Click “Delete Shortcut”

If you are deleting a folder contain dmb files which contain information of folder
5-      Confirm Deleting Click yes Button

Deleted item automatically save in Recycle Bin

Deleting a File permanently

1-      Navigate to your file
2-      Single Click (or select file using arrows keys)
3-      Hold Shift and press Delete buttons (SHIFT + DELETE) combination, don’t release Shift Button before press delete
This will pop up a ‘Confirm Deleting’ window

4-      Click Yes Button (Confirm Deleting)


1-      You can delete any file folder or any other item in the same way
       (Select Item + Delete button + Confirm deleting)
2-      You can delete a single item, and also delete many items, just Select your item and delete them
3-      Confirm deleting messages (Read First)
4-      You can’t delete a file have been using, any tem file under thread (working)
5-      You can delete a installed Program folder or file, but use uninstall program recommended
6-      Don’t delete system file folder under Windows (operating system) root directory.
      7-   Press No button (from Confirm deleting) to cancel deletion of a file.
8-      If any file can’t be deleted, it may using by any program or operating system.

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