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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Installing New Printer

How to install new Printer:

In Windows XP both USB printer and com port printer can install as describe below

A quick way to install a printer

1-     Turn on your printer
2-     Attach printer cable with computer
3-     Windows automatically can detect new added hardware (printer) and install a driver itself
4-     At successfully install printer, taskbar shows your printer and hardware is install and ready to use

Another way to install a printer:

1-     Turn on your printer
2-     Attach printer cable with computer
3-     Click on start
4-     Click setting
5-     Double click printers and faxes
6-     Click “Add a printer” from printer task
7-     Click Next
a)      Click on option local printer attached to this computer and check mark in automatically detect and install my Plug and play printer (if printer is attached directly to computer)
b)      Click on option “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer)

9-     Click Next button (I assumed you choose 1st option printer is directly attached to computer)
10-  It will search for new printer and try install driver (select path for driver if asked)
If this fail or no detect any plug play printer, chose manually way to install
11- Click Next
12- Chose port from following port
13- Click Next
a)      Browse for your printer and select it from “Manufacturer” and ‘printers” column
If there is no match for you printer, try this way
b)      Click Have Disk (insert CD-R or follow driver path using browser)

15- Click Next
16- Enter printer name
17- Click on yes (if you want to use printer as default printer), or no
18- Click yes (if want to test page print), or no
19- Click Next
20- Click Finish
      21- Close printer and faxes

It is all done with your installation of printer, you can print now

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  1. very googd yar ab blog fit hogeya hai i like the you tell how to install printer.