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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saving a Flash Game (SWF File)

About Flash Games:

Most website offer playing games on website server, open a website have flash games will be played while connected to website server, when you are not online or connected to server, you can’t play the game.

Playing flash games while unconnected to server, we use save (using some programs) game on pc during load the game from server, and after that a flash player is required to open and play saved games.

For saving flash game we use saveflash program. Here we will discuss how to download and install and use saveflash.

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How to download SAVEFLASH:

1-      Click here to download SAVEFLASH, this will redirect you to saveflash.com official website
2-      Click on “Try For Free” to download free version, you may buy this program later
3-      Click “Save” button
4-      Browse path for save file on your disks
5-      Click “save” Button
6-      Click close button

This describe to download with windows standard downloading method
Or download with available downloader.

How to Install SAVEFLASH:

1-      Double click on file “saveflash” which extension is exe
2-      Click Run (if asked)
3-      Chose language (English)
4-      Click Ok button
5-      Click Next button
6-      Click “ I Agree” button
7-      Browse for install
8-      Click Install button
9-      Click Next button (after all installation proceeded)
10-  Click Next button
11-  Click Close
12-  Click completed button (make sure all check marks)

It will restart your browser

13-  Open your gaming website and load the game (you want to save)
14-  Pointer your mouse over gaming area this will show flash icon on (upper left corner of the game area)
15-  Click on drop-drown arrow
16-  Browse path where you want to save game
17-  Enter an new name of file (if you want to change file name)
18-  Click save button

File extension will be swf

Here now, you can play the game enjoy.


You will need a program like Adobe flash Player to open swf extensions files.
Swf opner is also use to play games.

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