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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Installing New Programs

Many new programs launched by time with new features, better, faster and more feature updates launched.
You can install new program running a setup file provided by publisher of program, installing new program is very simple and interesting procedure.

How to install new program:

1-      Double click on setup.exe file (maybe in CD-R DVD’s folders on disks)
2-      Click in check box (I agree with license form) pops any time during installation program it have to agree with license form
3-      click next button every time it pops (Follow instructions)
4-      at last time it appears with Finish button, click it


You can manually give an installation path during installation
By default location of installation path in “program files” folder in root of windows operating system (Maybe different for some program), follow setup steps each.

click on cancel button at any time during installation will discard any process and take back any change apply during installation.

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