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Friday, May 27, 2011

Start Menu Shortcut

Adding shortcut for program and games in start menu, do this easy steps.

How to Add Shortcut to Start Menu:

1-      Open explorer and navigate to targeted program, and exe file of program
2-      Click on file and hold down click button
3-      Drag file outside (taskbar) it will be shown a shortcut arrow
4-      Drag file to start and navigate to place where it should be created
5-      Release Click Mouse button it a shortcut will be created place


1-      Click button or file.exe and hold down button, never release until you navigate to target place.
2-      Shortcut only valid to exe file for game or software program, an example  creating shortcut for minesweeper game>navigate to folder game (\windows\system32) and find winmine.exe file
3-      Shortcut also available to any documents file, and folders,
Example, shortcut for photo.jpg, shortcut for folder named software “D:\software\”.

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