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Friday, May 13, 2011

Create AVATAR, Yahoo

Display an Avatar yahoo messenger or website:
create an avatar on yahoo is totally free, exciting, fast way to create
1-      Open My display image or just press Ctrl+shit+F8
2-      And click “share Avatar”
3-      Click Ok
This will open a yahoo avatar making website page
4-      Select Gender (combo option) for how avatar shown as gender
5-      Click “Create my avatar” Button
This will open and create a default avatar
Left Side have preview of your Avatar
From there you can apply face emotions
Right Side section there is Tab menu such like,
Home            Appearance       Appare!               Extras    Backgrounds      Branded               My Favorites
6-      Click Home tab, here choose a new default avatar, also see popular AVTAR
7-      Click Appearance tab,
a)      Click Face and Eyes sub menu tab, chose skin color and face and eyes shape
b)      Click Hear styles, chose best hair style for your avatar
8-      Click appar! tab, here you can chose dress style
a)      Click Full Outfits, here you can chose whole dress style
b)      Click Top, here you can apply shirt style
c)       Click Bottoms, here you can apply Pant style
d)      Click Plus Sizes, here you can apply coats and jackets styles
9-      Click Extras,
a)      Click Fantasy & History, here you can set different face and t-shirt designs and background affects
b)      Click Accessories, here you can apply styles of hats, Bags, jewelry, eyewear, scarves tabs
c)       Click Sports & Hobbies, select a hobby theme
d)      Click pets, have your avatar’s pet
e)      Click Holiday & Events, chose event scene
f)       Click issues & causes, will give you opportunity to chose backgrounds
g)      Click Family & Home, add family member to your Avatar
h)      Click Flags, add flags to avatar
i)        Click Middle East, take affects middle east effect
j)        Click My Location (GEO), another exiting backgrounds
10-   Click Backgrounds, will give more background
11-   Click Branded, chose these different themes
Gillette Venus Embrace, Election 2008, shine, JCPenney, Pepsi Style, Verizon Wireless, Wii, Yahoo, Y! Yodel studio, Bee Movie, Star Wars
12-   Click “Save Changes” from preview Left Bar, below to Avatar.
How to add a scene to Favorite:
Click on “Add to Favorites” + button, this will add to favorite items, and sign mark + color will change Green to orange (orange mean favorite item)
How to add an Avatar to Favorite:
1-      Click “Add To Favorites”
2-      Enter Name for your Avatar
3-      Click Add Button
How to See My Favorite item and Avatars:
1-      Click Favorite Items, will show all saved items.
2-      Click Favorite Avatar, will show all saved Avatars
Click on your favorite item or Avatar, will result immediately take effect on your new Avatar.
Click on any item or avatar will load it and will be able to preview, Click again on same item will remove it from your preview.

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