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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Switching Mouse Buttons

Introduction to Mouse Buttons:
Generally windows have Right hand mouse click, which mean left button will act as click (single or double click) and right button of mouse is open a menu for selected item. Click button is technically called Primary key and menu button is called Secondary button. If Left button of mouse act as Primary button (Click) and right button act as Secondary (menu), this mouse setting is called Right Handed Mouse. Primary Button (click) perform on pressing Right button and Secondary (Menu) perform on Left of mouse button, this mouse settings called Left handed Mouse.
However, you can switch keys Left button to Right and Right button to Left.
How to Switch Mouse Key:
1-      Click start
2-      Click Settings
3-      Click Control panel
4-      Find and Double click “Mouse” icon, this will open mouse properties window
5-      Click in check button “Switch primary and secondary button” for window XP and later
For windows 98 click either one of “Right Hand mouse” or “Left hand Mouse” combo option
This will immediately switch buttons, (Reverse from previous), Windows 98 require must apply settings
6-      Click Apply button (This will save change switching buttons)
If you not apply and exit from here
7-      Click Ok button to confirm changes and exit
1-      Click apply will change your setting even you close window by cancel button (Related to XP)
2-      Click ok will also change your setting even you close window by cancel button (Related to XP)
3-      For Windows 98 must apply settings, and then ok for exit
4-      Click on cancel button will discard any changes not saved (apply)

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