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Thursday, April 28, 2011


How to change Date and Time:
In windows xp and all version  of windows (much smilair method)
1-      Click stat button
2-      Click setting
3-      Click control panel
4-      Double click on “date and time” icon
Here you can apply all your correct timings and date
5-      Click down arrow to change month (In left bar 1st box)
6-      Click your desired appreciate month
7-      Click down arrow to change year (in left bar 2nd box)
8-      Click desired date number day (Just down these bar a monthly base on day schedule)
A current zone presented just down in day schedule
In right panel a analog watch showing current time
9-      Click on time box (time format is shown as HH:MM:SS
10-   Click where hours showing and use BACKSAPCE BUTTON to delete existing and input from keyboard repeat same process for minutes and second respectively
If you want to change time zone (based on your geographical location)
11-    Click on tab with caption “Time Zone”
12-    Click on arrow down of search box
13-    Click on your desired location present in shape (GMT ±00:00) Name
14-    Click on apply button
Now you have done change with Date and time
15-    Click on Ok button (to Exit)
        1-      Click on exit button doesn’t take change back once you click on apply button Ok button is
              just for exit.
            2-   You can quickly go to Date and time window by just double click on time showing on task bar.

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