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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Install a hardware?


every hardware attached to pc, operating system use a file to run that particular hardware that is called driver. keyboard have driver to run. mouse, monitor hard drive cable usb port motherboard processer must have driver installed to keep run. Sometime new added hardware are not installed driver so, that particular hardware will not work properly. you need to take step to install newly added hardware and exixting hardware which not working properly. See Device manager list to point out which hardware is installed, working or not working. for opening Device manager follow instruction assuming windows xp

1-  right click on my computer icon
2- click properties
3- switch (click) to hardware tab
4- click on Device Manager

it will pop up Device Manager window
listing all hardware attached to computer.

any hardware with yellow markup needed to install

checking hardware status

5- Right click on any hardware (i.e. Display adapter) wich scroll down and show all attached hardware.
6- click properties (it will shows window labeling hardware name properties window)

see for Device status
shows different as device are working properly

Installing Hardware

in windows xp will detect and can install most hardwares.

if not any hardware is not installed but attached to computer properly

7- click on "scan for hardware changes" button located beneat File Tab
    or click on action tab and then click on scan for hardware changes"

this will scan computer for any newly attach hardware and can install automatically

8- right click on hardware (you want to install) and then properties

9- click on Reinstalling button or
    click on driver tab>click on update Driver
this will pops up Hardware Update Wizard

10- click any combo box
      a) Yes, this time only (if  you want window downloading from window-catalog website
      b) yes, now and every time I connect a device
      c) No, not this time (Prefer if you have driver file Cd or storage drive)
11- click on b option
       a) Install the software automatically (Recomemended)
       b) install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
12- click on browse button under 2nd check box (include this location in the search:)
13- navigate to path (where you have copy of Driver) see manifacture provider of hardward Driver Cd
14- click Next

it will scan specific path if find driver

shows list of driver
15- click on approciate driver
16- click next
17- click finish

After you specified path of driver, time to take process completed depened on your computer speed and processor. (usually less than a minute)

18- Click on restart window (if hardware installing promptes)

this will install your hardware, restarting window depends on hardware, some hardware did not require restarting windows. like modem or mouse or usb based hardwares


  1. this is also useful and the most troubleshootin task....!!! can u also write about how to remove virus for windows and which is the most effective anti-virus for dah purpose....??? plzzzzzzzz :( :)

  2. i got NAV (norton antivirus 2010) its quick, easy to install, very effective. realiable