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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing Display View (MY Computer)

About Display of Windows Xp:

has unique display view in my computer (windows operating system disk)
at newly install windows content of booting drive are hidden, you can change it to display or hidden.

all folders are have same setting like root\-, root\windows\, root\doucement and setting, root\program files, \windows\windows32

How to change display:

1- open my computer window
2- open and navigate to folder for changing
3- search in left tab of window for a caption with "Search Tool"
4- click on dobule arrow icon will display of search tool content
    if arrows are toward downwords click to disply, arrows are upwards clicking on it result in hidden of tab
5- click on "show the contant of this drive" (in search tool ) if contant are hidden
6- click on "Hide the contant of this drive" (in search tool), if contant are showing


1- you have to change display view of all folder seperatly
2- newly installed windows all system folders are hidden contant, so you have to change to disply
3- at hidden state of folder explorer display shows with some text like below

These files are hidden.
This folder contains files that keep your system working properly.
You should not modify its contents.

show the contents of this folder

4- click on "show the contents of this folder" from here instead from system tool will also result in display all content of folder.

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