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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update Mobile Using Nokia Ovi Suite:

How to Update Mobile Device From Nokia Ovi Suite:

1-      Click Start
2-      Point to Programs
3-      Point to Nokia (submenu)
4-      Click Nokia Ovi Suite
Or just Double Clit Ovi sutie from taskbar icon (Nokia Ovi sutie start each time windows restarted)
5-      Sign in with your Nokia Ovi Suite
6-      Click Tools menu
7-      Click Software update (computer internet connection should be working)
Software updates will show which update is available at this time.
8-      Click Install button (Next to your mobile device)
This will check again for all updates available to your device
9-      Check mark multiple option (you may want to update)
10-  Click Install
All updated will downloaded to (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Service Layer\A\nsl_service_module_00001\vpls\www.dsut.online.nokia.com.oti.caresuite\-- folder)

Your hand set will restart during installation, Windows detect new hardware, Keep eye on setup, but do not cancel, or don’t use mobile hand set during installation

After restart mobile hand set, set date & time

11-  Enter date and ok button from handset

Your device software has been successfully installed.

Click Finish to close window

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