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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Installing Firefox

How to Install Firefox v4:

1-      Click here to download Firefox v4 (save to local drive)
2-      Double Click Firefox Setup 4.0.exe (where you have save it)
3-      Click Run (If asked)
This will launch setup files.
This setup is launched from Extract setup files to temporary folder.
“C\Documents and settings\My User\7zSA.tmp”
Check your windows drive letter, and user name, it varies
4-      Click Next button
5-      Chose combo option
a.       Standard (Firefox will be installed with the most common options).
b.      Click Next (and Follow instruction for 1st time use Firefox after installed)
c.       Custom (You may choose individual option to be installed, Recommended for experienced users.)
6-      Click Next button
7-      Enter new installation path (if required) or browse for new folder
8-      Click Next button
9-      Use Multiple choice (Check Box) for labeled (Optional Step)
a.       On my Desktop
b.      In my Start Menu Program folder
c.       In my Quick Launch bar
10-  Click Next
11-  Check mark “Use Firefox as my default web browser” (Optional)
12-  Click Install
13-  Check mark “Launch Firefox now” (this will be launch program for 1st time, Optional)
14-  Finish Button (To Exit Setup window)
Installation is successful. Open and use exciting web browser Firefox!

Click here to read more about run Firefox for 1st time

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