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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Use Zumo Drive:

How to use ZumoDrive for 1st Time Use:
1-         Click Unblock button (if you are using 1st time ZumoDrive at your computer)
            Click Sign up Free and follow instruction (Create new account with ZumoDrive)
2-         Enter your email address (Which is given during Registration)
3-         Enter your password (ZumoDrive Password)
4-         Click "Sign in" button
5-         Click Next button
6-         Enter Name of Computer
7-         Click Next
8-         Add a folder which you want to backup data on internet
            Or check mark My Document, Desktop
9-         Click Next
10-       Click Finish
To Access ZumoDrive:
Double Click ZumoDrive icon on task bar
Double Click ZumoDrive from Explorer (My Computer> ZumoDrive (Z): Drive)

To open ZumoDrive:
Double Click ZumoDrive on desktop or use stat menu shortcut.

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