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Friday, June 24, 2011

Install Nokia Mobile on Nokia PC suite

After just installation is completed, connected wizard will be launched, follow these instructions to connect your mobile handset with computer using Nokia Pc Suite.

How to Install Nokia Mobile with Nokia PC Suite:

1-      Click “Right side directed arrow” button (Label with “Next”)
2-      Use one of connected type, combo option (or any connection type available in your computer)

a.       Cable connection (connect USB cable to computer and your handset)
b.      Infrared connection (Turn on infrared option from both computer and handset)
c.       Bluetooth connection (Turn on Bluetooth option from both computer and handset)

3-      Click “Right side directed arrow” button (Label with “Next”)
It will detect handset and installation of hardware wizard launched
4-      Click one of option (Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?)

a.       Yes, this time only
b.      Yes, now and every time I connect a device
c.       No, not this time

5-      Click Cancel button (after cancel Let windows install other drivers automatically)
6-      Use Install the software automatically (Recommended)
7-      Click Finish button (See Nokia Pc suite, connection setup for your handset is listed in available connection)
8-      Click any option one of the… (Nokia PC Suite, improve products and services by participate

a.       Participate (Click finish button, and follow instruction)
b.      Do no participate (Click Finish button)

Your mobile handset will be connected with computer using Nokia PC Suite.

Nokia PC Suite program will be launched.

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