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Friday, June 10, 2011

Setting of ZumoDrive

How To Change Setting of ZumoDrive:
1-         Open ZumoDrive from Start menu, Start>Programs>ZumoDrive>ZumoDrive
2-         Right Click on ZumoDrive icon
3-         Click Settings
            It will open ZumoDrive Console (Setting windows)
            General Tab is default tab open 1st time
4-         Click Upgrade button to add more space to your account
            (At top Storage Usage will indicate amount of storage data used)
5-         Enter name of Computer will identify your location (where you have accessing ZumoDrive)
6-         Click dropdown Arrow and select Letter (Letter will be indicated ZumoDrive drive on computer)
7-         Click Experience Tab (top)
8-         Use check mark for
            i)          I am streaming a file
            ii)         My files have changed
9-         Use drop down-arrow and select new Language (Default is English language in which ZumoDrive display)
10-       Click Network tab (Beginners don't use this tab)
11-       Use how data transfer through computer to server
            i)          Use slider to slower to faster speed of transfer
            ii)         Use manual (o is unthrottled) enter download and upload speed
12-       Select Proxy Setting
            i)          No Proxy Server (Default)
            ii)         Automatically detect settings
            iii)        Manual Proxy Setup
13-       Click Storage Drive
14-       Click Dropdown arrow select drive (where ZumoDrive  caching file on computer) default is C:\ Drive
15-       Slide the bar to "Less hard drive space" to "Faster file access"
            By default it “Faster” file access 100% use of drive
16-       Click “Advanced” tab
17-       Check mark always cache my file (for less space on drive leave uncheck)
18-       Use different categories of file to cache file
            use automatic              -           never keep local          -           always keep local
19-       Check mark "Run on Start up" (important)
            slower machine leave uncheck mark, when plan to use ZumoDrive open drive icon from start menu or desktop shortcut
20-       Click Apply button (will save all your changes)
21-       Click Close button (to close ZumoDrive Console window, and return to desktop)

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