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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Backup Mobile with Nokia PC Suite

How to Backup Mobile with Nokia PC Suite:

1-      Open Nokia PC suite and connect your mobile (with any available connection type)
See, your device name and connection type just above in mobile preview
2-      Click Make a backup Icon (see in options view at right side, 1st in most top left line)
See your device listed just below top of Backup and restore Label

a.       Click File
b.      Backup

Confirm your mobile device listed and selected just below “Backup and restore label” see top-left corner Nokia Content Copier window.

3-      Click Backup button label “Back up the desired phone contents to a backup file which is saved on the PC.”
4-      Select categories to backup up (multiple choice)

a.       User files from the phone memory
b.      User files from a memory card
c.       Contacts
d.      Calendar
e.       Notes
f.       Messages
g.      Bookmarks
h.      Setting

5-      Click Next button (Right side directed arrow)
6-      Enter a new path or browse (where backup file created)
7-      Click Next button
8-      Click Finish button (After completed).

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