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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Install Real Player

RealPlayer is very familour downloading program to download audios, videos and movies from youtube,dailymotion, or other websites online streaming audios videos.

How to Install Real Player:

1- Click here to Download Real Player SP Golden
2- Save setup file on local Disk
3- Navigate to setup file
4- Double Click on File "RealPlayerSPGold"
5- Read License Agreement
6- Click Accept button
7- Chose any option (internet connection options- combo option)
8- Click Next
9- Click Change Location button (enter or navigate to change installation path, defualt path is
    "C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer")
10- Check mark or unckeck mark for (these optional)
 i) Add a desktop shortcut for Real Player
 ii) Enable browser download button (Recomemded to check)
 iii) Use RealPlayer to automatically open any videos it can play that or not currently associated with another application
11- Click Next
12- Click Next (again) optionally checkmark for "Include the free Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer"
13- Click Ok button (if Google Toolbar can't be installed)
After installation finished, RealPlayer automatically open for 1st time.


1- If you are not connected to internet during setup, Google Toolbar downloading will be discard and can't be installed, RealPlayer will be installed.
2- on 1st time Runing RealPlayer it will connect to server,if can't connect to sign in Click Retry for try agian, and if internet is not available click Cancel.


  1. i have real player plus. i need to change the resolution from sp, to lp so that i can download movies that are more than 2hrs. long. i download with roxio but i need to change the resolution