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Monday, June 13, 2011

Installing Microsoft Office 2010

How to install Microsoft Office 2010:

1- Insert Microsoft Office 2010 Label CD/DVD in Drive
2-If auto Run is on this will Launch Setup
 i) Right Click on CD/DVD (With Office 2010 CD)
 ii) Click Open
 iii) Double Click on "Setup" an exe file (this will Launch Setup)
3- Find a  Product Key (Serial) for Office 2010 on CD Cover or on Cd Folder
 i) Right Click On CD/DVD (With Office 2010 CD)
 ii) Click Open
 iii) Double Click "Serial" to Open (Find in main folder)
 iv) Copy Product Key No. (it is 25 Letter an Digit Length Code)
 v) Click on office 2010 setup (from task bar)
4- Write or Paste Product Key here (it will validate if wron, enter carefully,)
5- Uncheck box "Attempt to automatically activate my product online." (you may activate Later)
6- Click Continue
7- Click "I Accept the terms of this agreement" (Read Before Continue)
8- Click Continue button
9- Click Install Now (it will immediately install standard set of programs, default installation path)
 Click Customize (it will install program at User Choice, and installation path)
 it will open Installation Option tab
 i) click on dropdown arrow of program category
 ii) Click "Run from Computer" (it will install, and copy file to computer)
  eith Click "Run all from My Computer" (it will install, all subset program of category)
 iii) Install "on First use" will also install subset program to computer
 iv) Click Not available (will not install program on computer)
 v) Click on File Location tab (at top)
 vi) Enter new Path for Installation Path (default installation path is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office")
 vii) Click On User Information tab (at top)
 Viii) Enter and Fill each category "Full Name, Initials, and Organization)
 ix) Click Install Now button (at bottom of setup window)
 Installation is started, wait for installation finishes.

1- Click on Exit button at any time will discard all install program, hence it will not open
2- Setup may caused error by Click Exit button.


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