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Friday, June 17, 2011

Windows Firewall

Turn on Windows Firewall to protect your computer from unknown user trying to access your computer and windows (operating system) when connected to internet.

How to Turn On Windows Firewall:

1-      Click Start Button
2-      Click Setting
3-      Click Control Panel
4-      Double Click “Security Center” icon
5-      Click “Windows Firewall” (Find In ‘Manage security settings for:’ Options)
6-      Click “On (Recommended)” Combo Option 
Click on “Off (Not Recommended)” will turn off Windows Firewall
7-      Remain "Don’t allow exceptions" uncheck for now
8-      Click Ok Button (For Save Change)
Under Firewall Tab it will be Turn On and change color to Green while Red indicate for off
      9-  Click Exit Button

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