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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Use ZumoCast

ZumoCast is software to backup important data to online server. You can access data (stored on computer) on mobile for anywhere.
How to Use ZumoCast:
1)         Click start
2)         Point to Program
3)         Point to ZumoCast
4)         Click ZumoCast
For new User (Create an account for ZumoCast):
5)         Click option “I'm new to ZumoCast (Sign Up Free)”
6)         Click Next button (and follow instruction of sign up)
For Beginner user (running program for 1st time):
7)         Click option "I already have a ZumoCast/ZumoDrive account
8)         Enter and fill the box with Email Address, password and Enter an Computer Name (Setup automatically assign a computer name, you can change it, Just Enter New Name)
9)         Click Next
10)       Add Folder to backup online, or check mark folder Desktop and My Documents
11)       Click Next
ZumoCast setup is Complete (Note: this setup is required only 1st time use)
12)       Click Next button to use ZumoCast application on your mobile
13)       Click Skip tour and finish
ZumoCast is Ready and will backup up all content of Selected Folder to online server.

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